How To Cure Low Libido From Anxiety

How To Cure Low Libido From Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are physically and emotionally draining, which can cause a decrease in libido. Low libido is a complex issue and it’s related to a single cause. Every day, the hormone arousal changes based on your nutrition, the amount of sleep you get and your love and attraction to your partner. The hint word here is anxiety, which is an overwhelming form of daily stress. Many people find that living in the anxiety daily causes them to experience significant sadness and discomfort in their daily life that often leading to less enjoyment of things that make them happy.

This is the reason why anxiety affects the libido of a person. Sex drive is affected by the way you feel, and anxiety is the type of condition that can make it hard for you to find the idea of love making to be more arousing.

Ways on how to cure and overcome low libido from anxiety

However, anxiety reduction is a long term process and not something that can be done overnight. But the methods below can help you cure this dilemma;

  • Eat healthy, exercise and more.

Generally speaking, your health affects the amount of libido. Make sure you eat healthy foods and always find time to exercise. Sex drive can be improved with proper diet and regular exercise. Keeping your body in the best health is a powerful way to boost your overall arousal levels which are often affected through lifestyle changes and eating habits.

  • Talk openly to your partner, do not hesitate.

Don’t try to hide your anxiety which affects your arousal. Hiding it only causes further stress, because you will find that you’re trying try too hard to get aroused. Arousal, likewise, is an automatic function, and not something you can force. So the more you try to force it, the harder it gets. Find time to talk about it with your partner. Doing so will help you to cope up with stress. Opening up the issues with your other half is one of the effective ways to release some factors that trigger your stress.

  • Try to make love anyway.

An active sex lifestyle should be practiced always because the extended time away from an active sex life can put strain in your relationship and potentially lead to more stress. Try to make love for fun. Talk to your partner and don’t consider it as a demanding occurrence. Always put enjoyment in the middle of the relationship. More so, there are a lot of ways to spice up the night in the bedroom. Never neglect the factors of making satisfaction between your wants and your needs. If making love is not physically possible, you should spend time being romantic if possible.

  • Distract yourself.

When making love, you can add some romantic music or watch a sexy movie to set the mood. Think about something that turns you on. Taking your mind off your sexual performance can remove the worries which will prevent you from getting too excited. Just always remember to take it easy on yourself.

Get help for your sexual performance anxiety so you can get back to having a healthy, happy and satisfied sex life.

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